Url for Web Page

Where can I find the direct URL for a Web Page? So that the User could directly go to this Page without first visiting DefaultWebPage.
How could I get searchengine friendly url like domain.com/PageName ???

You can’t. The best thing you can do is create a HashTag system. http://documentation.xojo.com/index.php/WebSession.HashTag

Hi Bob,

Thank you for your reply. So I have to set e.g. Apache to do URL rewrite:
http://blabla.com/abcdef -> http://blabla.com/#abcdef

But, in this case internal url ajax / images are changed to. Is there a way to identify such “internal url”?
Other way would be to set every rewrite manually, but that’s not nice.
Setting Links like http://blabla.de/rewrite/abcdef is not search engines favorite.

I wrote about this here http://www.1701software.com/blog/files/webpages_are_not_webpages.html

Hi Phillip,

the Problem is clear, but I asked because of SEO, Hash-Tags are no SEO-Sollution. So I have to use rewrite-engine. But this will bring new problems with the real-Xojo-Urls…

Well Xojo WE apps are not intended to be SEO friendly. That’s the distinction between “web application” and “web site”.

Don’t forget sitemap.xml which takes any kind of URL.

Also remember that search engine bots don’t execute javascript, and without javascript your web app won’t do anything. So even without the URL/HashTag problem, there still would be nothing for the search engine to index.

You could sign onto <https://xojo.com/issue/19412> and hope that Xojo can do something about this.

Amazed this has not gotten more attention.
Adding feedback 19412 to my favorites now!

Keep in mind that adding a case to your “favorites” list, does not increase its rank. You must add a case to your top-five cases to have any impact on that.

Yes you are right and that is what I meant to say.