Uploading and Downloading Data


I’m working on a project with a professor at the University of Minnesota. We’re going to try to do some a research project, but instead of having the participants come to the U, we’re going to have them do the activity (which extends over several weeks) on their phones.

What we need to do is get the data, which is being collected on their phone, back to us so we can analyze it (statistical stuff). Now, we’d rather not put more stuff on the phone than necessary so I was wondering if there was something like an FTP mechanism that one could use to talk to on of the cloud storage services (e.g. DropBox). The downloading (to the phone) might be used if we needed to change the stimuli, etc.

Anyone done anything like this?


It sounds that you need to create a webservice. Google for REST API. You could request data in a JSON format and upload data with a HTTP POST request. I’m on my phone and can’t write an essay on the subject now, but those keywords on Google or Wikipedia will help you further. Feel free to ask more, can answer tomorrow on PC.

Depending on the size of the data and the amount of records, you might need a database, especially if you need to do statistics.

Thanks for the suggestions.

The data will be going into a database or a statistical package.

The team had a meeting this week. The current plan is to do the first and last sessions “live.” That is, the researcher will be present (there are six sessions the participants will do on their own). We’ll grab the data with iMazing. I made it sharable.