Upload XML file from Desktop to Web App

Hey, I am looking for some direction. I am working to upload XML data from a Desktop App to a Web App, and have the Web app process that XML data. CURL, Sockets, handles special URLs… or using non Xojo solution are ideas I have read about. Is there a fairly smooth way to send an XML data/file/string to a web app? Since the data can be somewhat large, it seem sending it in a special URL string could be problematic. Perhaps I am missing something.

Any directions would me appreciated! TIA

How big is “somewhat large”?

My test data is small enough. However will grow with extended use by many users. One of the larger test files has 483,000 characters. Which is about 436KB. So perhaps teh correct question is what are the limitations of the special URL post data?

It can certainly handle 436K.

When data is uploaded, if it ends up being larger than 256K it gets spoiled off to disk, assuming the App has permission to do so. If it does not, you are only limited by available memory.

I see. So even 100+meg XML file could be supported.

Not sure I’d go that far. The biggest problem you will have will be the browser timing out on you for files of that size.

Well I’m not access the web app with a browser. My desktop application is interfacing directly with the web app via monkey bread’s CURL.