Upload from XOJO to YouTube

I’m gonna go out a limb and guess there’s no way to upload to YouTube from a desktop or web app, right?

I’m pretty sure you can do this by using the Youtube API with Xojo.Net.Httpsocket.

I’d use Paw or Postman to get familiar with the API and then I’d start to create a Xojo implementation of it. The examples of google are for other languages, you will need to figure out how to translate this to Xojo.

Basically you must familiarise with using REST API webservices from Xojo. Search this forum.


I would start with searching for samples of how to use the postman app with the google data api. There may be samples for Paw as well, but this is less likely. The advantage of paw is that it can generate Xojo code, so you get a jump-start example of how to implement a REST API in Xojo…


I recently looked into this, because Apple offer a sharing service, which you can use to share to all kinds of places except YouTube (it’s only available through their QuickTime player). From what I’ve been able to understand, Apple don’t offer a YouTube uploader because of licensing issues or other legal drama.

Another great way to test the available Google APIs is the playground.
For instance to play with the Youtube Data API 3.0:

Well I was right that there’s nothing simple