Upload/Download file Amazon S3

I have found very little regarding REST calls to Amazon S3 for uploading and downloading files. I know Chillcat has a plug in but I don’t want the extra overhead. I am looking to simply upload a file to and download a file from an S3 bucket. Looking at Amazon’s documentation, I can’t see this would be that difficult to do. Does anyone have examples of how to accomplish this?

MBS Xojo CURL Plugin comes with example for upload/download for Amazon S3.

I’d like to perform these two function without a plugin. Is it really that complicated to require a plugin?

No, it can be done entirely in Xojo code. I have classes that auth with AWS that I’ve used to connect to SNS, and I believe I was testing S3 when I lost interest. They are not fit for public distribution right now (no market, no docs, no support)

Could I have a peek?