Upgrading to XOJO

I have a Real Studio 2010 R4 app with a rsd backend.

When I upgrade to the latest version of XOJO will it automatically convert the code, will the rsd backend also work, or will one or both need to be modified?


The easiest way to test this would probably be to download the free vesion of Xojo and then run your code with it.

You’ll be able to quickly establish the impact of upgrading without having to upgrade your license first.

Xojo comes with a guide on what changed do you can read it and see what changed.

There is nothing to “convert”. Xojo opens Real Studio code just fine. If you use threads and update the UI from threads, you may need to alter your design, however.

An rsd database is a SQLite database, which also will work fine with Xojo, although you have the option of using the newer SQLiteDatabase class with it as the RealSQLDatabase class is deprecated in Xojo.

For more specifics, download Xojo and review the Upgrade Guide (Help->Upgrade Guide).

Thanks for your time and responses.