Upgrading 2011r3 to latest questions

I am experiencing issues with our app written in 2011r3 in OS X 10.9. It works fine in windows and OS X 10.6 so I am planning to upgrade and hope that resolves the issue. Is there anything to consider or will it just upgrade the project fine?


I have moved along the timeline of both RealStudio/Xojo and OSX upgrading each as a new version came out, and have have no issues with the exception of things that may have been deprecated and need to be remediated… but while that is a minor effort, it brings you project up to date.

The biggest thing (and I am doing an overhaul of my Graphic Editor project for this)… is getting rid of any CARBON based lifeforms and replacing them with COCOA … at this time it is not REQUIRED (but highly reccomended).

FYI… my graphics program worked just by upgrading Xojo… but there were a lot of Cocoa features I am now able to take advantage of the makes it that much better (and faster)

There is the lovely ThreadAccessingUI exception, which bit me a few times in unexpected places. And you now can only draw in the paint event.