Upgraded to 2021 r2 - cannot debug IOS app

I am back to working on IOS and it has been more than a year. So I just upgraded XOJO and XCode. In XCode I reopened my project file and checked Pref-Org and all was good. Then to Devices and Simulator and my iPhone was there and the Simulator has the iPad selected.

Next in XOJO I check iOS App Name, Bundle ID, Team, Simulator Device. All are correct except nothing is available in Simulator Device.

So I save the dev project in both XOJO and XCode, quit and opened XCode proj first then XOJO proj. Same thing. No Simulator Device in XOJO iOS Debugging is available.

Any idea what I missed

I am on OSX 11.4 using XOJO 2021r2 and XCode 12.5.1.

Just in case this is exactly the same question answered for another post this week, you have upgraded Xcode…
Go to code, preferences/locations
Check what command line tools are selected.
Mine says Xcode 12.3
What does yours say?

@Jeff_Tullin - Thanks for the heads up.
As soon as I opened ‘Locations’ the dialog box appeared. I could see the Command Line Tools: popup menu was blank then it auto filled with Xcode 12.5.1 (12E507). Going back into XOJO The Simulator Device auto filled and can now run. Back to debugging

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I’m curious why you have a project file in Xcode? I’ve never done this with any of my apps and have no idea what the benefit would be.

It allows Xcode to generate profiles for you automatically if the project has the same ‘name’ as your Xojo one.
If you only test in simulator it wont matter