Upgrade Xojo version to Build 64bit apps

I want to upgrade XOJO to current version so I can build 64bit MacOS apps. No interest in WEB, IOS, or Windows. I have been told that I need to purchase current version of XOJO (not upgrade)
My question is can I get by with the Lite version . I am using SQL and ARGen. It is only $99 compared to $299 for the Desktop version.

Sounds like the platform-specific Lite version is just what you need.

You could get away with the Lite $99 version in this case.

However, I transferred a spare Pro license to you and emailed you but I never heard further, maybe a year or so ago. It’s not the most recent but it can build 64-bit Mac apps. It’s still yours if you want it.

I misstated the issue. The problem with 64bit is that I am running XOJO version 2017 release 2.1 which is a 32bit application. My pro license expired Dec 1, 2017; and I am running the latest version I can run.

Oh I see. If your Mac has been updated to Catalina, and thus won’t run 32-bit apps, then you’ve got 3 choices that I can think of:

  1. downgrade to Mojave, which does allow 32-bit apps to run
  2. buy the $99 Lite license
  3. run Mojave or lower in a virtual machine in VMWare Fusion or similar, a possibly slow choice but if it’s a simple recompile, this would be fine

Thanks to all.
Think I will do the $99 upgrade.

BTW I’m trying to cut the number apps I use due to age, At 88 it’s getting harder to remember what changes I have made.