Upgrade project from 2009r21 version to 2013r41 version of real basic

Hello All,

I have developed a desktop application in Real Basic 2009r21. But now I wanted to upgrade it to latest version xojo2013r41.
Can anybody tell me what changes it needs. I am using SQLite database. My OS is Fedora 14 64 bit Linux.

I am getting errors related to Deprecated Class for most of the items on my Window in project.

Is there any way to import windows/components from 2009r21 version?


For which classes do you get an error?

That’s not possible I think.

You can open old project in new XOjo. Should be no problem.
You will see deprecations and a dialog will show them and offer to fix. So you fix them and it should build.

For an overview of major changes between Real Studio and Xojo, refer to the Upgrade Guide in Xojo (available from the Help menu).

In general, you can open Real Studio projects in Xojo and run them without trouble. Items marked as deprecated do not need to be fixed immediately, but should be updated relatively soon. And often the deprecations dialog will offer to fix the items for you.

I am getting deprecated class error for Edit Field objects on windows. I am passing some arguments to my methods which detects whether object is edit field or combo box.

Thanks for information. I will search on this and update you.

Get an eye here for the deprecated stuff. It can gives you the replaced by stuff…[quote=69736:@Paul Lefebvre]you can open Real Studio projects in Xojo[/quote]
FWIW: I opened recently a REALbasic project from 2003 without warning.

Some others report EditFields as deprecated (in all Platforms), some others were more… malicious: CheckBox have now three states (they had two then), so some code changes were needed…

My recommendation - grab the 2011r1 version. Open your Project there are resave it. Grab the 2012r2.1. Open your project there and deal with as many deprecations as possible and save it again. Now open in 2013r4.1 and you should be pretty sane.