Upgrade from Xojo 2015 to 2019

Hi, I just upgrade my xojo version from 2015 to 2019. When I try to compile, I obtain a window with this message:

Type “FolderItem” has no member named “AbsolutePath” error

and the app doesn’t start. What Can I do?

PS: I don’t use AbsolutePath in the App!

Click on the error in the error panel that appears. Does that show you the code where this happens?

Ah. That’s in a plugin or encrypted class. You will need to update those components too.

I don’t understad… what components?
How can I see what is the component who raise this error?

The class “FolderItem” have not “AbsolutePath” now
Use FolderItem.NativePath

Your screenshot mentions a location (modExtends). Don’t you have it?

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I can’t find modExtends (the project is not mine)… I’m trying to analyze every part to find where is the problem :frowning:

Ok, I have founded it… encrypted class are not clear for me… (it was in an external module, RSReport).

Now I have to eliminate totally every ref.