Updating Xojo, Slow load times plugins xojo2017r1 and MBS plugins compatiblity


It has been a year since I have used Xojo and I am in the process of getting my work environment setup again.

I used 2016r2 and 2016.r3 and now I have downloaded 2017.r1 but the IDE loads really slow… (startup screen)

Right now I use the following plugins:

2007/07/24 08:00 128,048 eselleratePlugin.rbx
2011/11/14 08:00 436,272 ewsPlugin.rbx
1904/01/01 02:00 7,658,112 Lexing Plugin.xojo_plugin
2015/11/23 16:05 2,367,994 MBS Xojo Compression Plugin.xojo_plugin
2015/11/23 16:05 10,318,672 MBS Xojo CURL Plugin.xojo_plugin
2015/11/23 16:06 5,906,230 MBS Xojo Encryption Plugin.xojo_plugin
2015/11/23 16:05 3,811,792 MBS Xojo JPEG Plugin.xojo_plugin
2015/11/23 16:06 7,047,640 MBS Xojo MacOSXCF Plugin.xojo_plugin
2015/11/23 16:05 3,261,922 MBS Xojo Main Plugin.xojo_plugin
2015/11/23 16:06 6,934,192 MBS Xojo Network Plugin.xojo_plugin
2015/11/23 16:05 7,248,494 MBS Xojo Win Plugin.xojo_plugin
2017/03/24 23:55 847,954 MSSQLServerPlugin.xojo_plugin
2017/03/24 23:55 10,948,010 MySQLCommunityPlugin.xojo_plugin
2017/03/24 23:55 1,416,757 ODBCPlugin.xojo_plugin
2017/03/24 23:55 314,710 OraclePlugin.xojo_plugin
2017/03/24 23:55 3,763,425 PostgreSQLPlugin.xojo_plugin

I found out that this takes extremely long to load when booting Xojo.

I think it takes around 1-2 minutes “loading plugins” when starting up the IDE.

Can anyone suggest ways to increase the startup time?

Also my intuition is that the plugins are not x64 ready? So maybe I need to update the plugins but still it takes a lot of time.
When compiling to 64bit architecture I see that the plugins are being converted?

Anyway hope anyone has got some advice or recommendations.

You have a few very old plugins.

And for 64-bit, please use more up to date plugins.

Hi so I can download the new plugins from you site and test first?

you can download and try:


Free trial. Buy later if you need to deliver.

you may need to update the rbx plugin files. They can’t have 64-bit.

Isn’t esellerate dead?


then is necesary buy new ?

Depends on your license.
For Xojo 2017r1 you need a license valid for early 2017.
And for current plugins you need to have a current license.