Updating WebDialog..

Hi all,

I’m having an issue. I have a WebDialog that the user enters details of a remote server. I have a TEST button that validates the info and then fires off a HHTPSocket.get to ensure it can connect and get back valid data. Here lies my issue, if it connects and data is valid, I get the result back quickly, however if it can’t and heading to a timeout, I have no way of indicating to the user that something is happening in the background until the timeout kicks in and then I’m able to display the msgbox.

I’ve tried updating an Indeterminate ProgressBar direct and also via a WebTimer but no joy. If I comment out the HTTPSocket.get I’m able to update. IS this blocking the server updating the client? Should I spin the test HTTPSocket off to a thread? On a desktop app, this sequence works fine.

Any guidance from the web guru’s appreciated. Thanks, Richard

Looks like spinning off the httpsocket.get stuff into a thread did the trick. Had some fun with that too, can’t drag and drop a Thread onto a Web page without a nasty error. Thankfully these forums told me to instantiate in code.