Updating thread from Real Studio to Xojo

A program I first wrote over five years ago requires regular updating and I have always updated the program to the newest version of RealBasic or RealStudio. I have been stymied in updating to Xojo because of the new requirement to not access the UI with a thread. I have converted almost everything, but except one MsgBox. The thread calls a MsgBox function that requires a Yes or No answer whenever a hardware problem happens (the thread is writing a hex file to flash memory in a processor and sometimes it doesn’t work the first time). Do I have to kill the thread and start over if the user wants to continue or is there a way to continue the thread if the user chooses to do so?

You can pause the thread and resume later. Although it may make more sense to just have the thread report that it failed and quit and have whetever other logic you have prompt the user and start the thread again.

Thanks Tim. The Language Reference says if a thread is suspended, it must be resumed. I take that to mean that as soon as the user responds to the MsgBox, I have to resume the thread. If the user chose to abort, I then kill the thread. I cannot just kill the thread without resuming first or problems will arise. Is that correct?

I would expect to be able to kill a thread whether running, suspended, or sleeping.