Updating MSIX package

I have a new xojo app that I want to distribute to my employees. So I went thru all the steps, created an MSIX package and codesigned it. I put the package on my webserver and sent a link for the download. Everything worked great so far. But now I need to send an update of my app.
I created the new setup file and installed it my local computer. Then I updated the MSIX package and incremented the version number on the package. Uploaded and sent the new link out. But the package just installs the same version of my app as the original. My question is, how do I update the MSIX package to the the latest setup file? Please help, I have gone google crazy.

In case someone else has this issue, here is how I think it works. Once you have the original MSIX file and you need to update the installer and send out a new version. Just create a new MSIX package using the new setup file. It will create a new MSIX file with the new version number and grab only the parts of the setup file that has changed. This makes for a much smaller update MSIX file, so it cuts down on download time.
Now send that out via a download link and when they run it, it will have an update button instead of an install button. Works great now. I just need to figure out how to get it in the App Store.

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