Updating eBooks

I’m struggling with databases. To help me, I’ve been using Paul Lefèbvre’s update of Brad Rhine’s “Introduction”. I’m trying to work thru chapter 12. But with the introduction of API 2.0 it’s become somewhat more of a struggle. This morning I hit a new snag: the book names a control “SearchField”. Faithfully changing the name from “TextField1” to “SearchField”, I’m told that “SearchField” is not available, since the name is used by an internal class.
I normally would have recommended the book to any other newbie, but now that would be difficult.
Are there any plans for a new revision?

a. The actual version dates from July 5th, 2022 (20:07).

b. You can use “Seach_Field” as the DesktopTextField; or “TF_SeachField”, or…

I hope this help you.

Many thanks, Emile. It is already a great help. I had overlooked the fact that the original ebooks had been replaced by a PDF. When I checked the iBookStore, it only had august 2020 editions.
I have now downloaded the updated edition of the PDF from the Xojo website and am ready to launch another attack.
In an earlier life, when I was programming in VB 6.0, I had a visual program called Access, which made building a database much easier.
Now I have to learn to do it from scratch!

I noticed that I do not gave an url for the pdf (pdf only, there is an archive with projects…):

The main page is:

you can download a version with examples projects there…

I had the same experience. I went to the iBookStore and got directed to what are out of date versions. I just downloaded the PDF version and still it seems to me that there is some misinformation related to things that have not been updated for API 2.0. Reader beware.

There is indeed a control class ‘Search Field’.
The book and the documentation’s code snippets are briefs, putting it into context when no context is provided becomes a challenge. @Byron_Minick’s courses on YouTube are well structured and quite helpful for approaching particular topics in Xojo.
This community provides great support and is a prime source for in-depth information.

And this information must be shadowed in the LR…

I totally agree about Byron’s course. But he’s gone very quiet at the moment. I think that he’s hatching a cunning plan!