Updating after adding to an Interface

I have 6 classes that implement an interface.
If I make any change at all to the interface (eg add a function, change a return type on an existing function, etc), then it is necessary to update 6 classes.

One way to do this is to select the class, disable the interface, apply that, enable the interface, apply that…and voila, the system adds a new function to match the new interface.

It seems odd that I should have to go through this process for every change, given that it would be so easy to automate. A menu item, “update interfaces”. That menu item would take a few lines of code…for each object in the project, if the object has an interface, update that interface.

I’m head scratching as to why this feature is not available in the IDE. Or am I missing something?


you should fill a feature request !

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Found this annoyance a couple of (many) times. This would make a greate feature to have them being added automaticly then have the methods get the following inserted:

#pragma Warning "Implement <methodname>"

That should also show you a simple warning in the compiler messages if you forgot to implement it.