Updating a web listbox for all users

I’m currently monkeying around with a web application for the first time (over the many years of using Xojo I’ve only ever built desktop or console apps).

I have an asynchronous shell running (globally, owned by the App class). When it’s DataAvailable() event fires I want to add some data to a WebListbox on WebPage1.

How do I do this? It seems straight forwards (and is with desktop) but whatever I try doesn’t work.

I want anyone who is viewing WebPage1 to be able to see the listbox update in realtime.

There’s an example/sample project called something like Helpdesk chat. It shows how to loop through all sessions and update a listbox.
You should be able to get what you need from that.


Read up on the session class. It will start to make sense how xojo web works.

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