Updating a JSONItem's child object

I have a property on a WebContainer set as a JSONItem type and I want to change the values of one of the item’s children. How would I go about doing so?

The JSONItem:

"Mailing":{ "Address1":"", "Address2":"", "City":"", "State":"", "PostalCode":"" }, "Physical":{ "Address1":"", "Address2":"", "City":"", "State":"", "PostalCode":"" } }

I want to update the values of the “Physical” child node. I may be going at this the wrong way but here is what I have. I’m stuck on the line assigning the jNewAddress item to the existing “Physical” child node.

[code] Try
Dim jNewAddress As new JSONItem

  jNewAddress.Value("Address1") = txtAddress1.Text
  jNewAddress.Value("Address2") = txtAddress2.Text
  jNewAddress.Value("City") = txtCity.Text
  jNewAddress.Value("State") = txtState.Text
  jNewAddress.Value("PostalCode") = txtZip.Text
  jAddress.Child("Physical", Assigns jNewAddress As JSONItem)  <<<< Syntax error
  Return True
Exception err As JSONException
end Try[/code]

You can assign the child object like so…

jAddress.Child("Physical") = jNewAddress

Or for better consistency with the rest of the code…

jAddress.Value("Physical") = jNewAddress