updates available -> error occured while downloading

Hey Xojo,

when i started xojo it notified me that there is updates available, im running 2013r1. Update from startup dialog how ever fails.
The dialog notifies correctly that there is update available, strange notice that the download size shows 0 bytes, install button is available and when i press install, i get error dialog:
An error has occurred while downloading
The download could not be started because the temporary file could not be written to.

OS: Windows 8 Pro with all os related updates installed. Tried with and without antivirus and firewall.

Obviously i could / will update with full download from site, i just want to offer opportunity to xojo if anyone wants to seek out whats wrong if someone else has this issue. On the meantime ill work on my win 7 machine for the next couple days.

Any files or folders / access rights i need to check?

Okay, is this startup-popup update notice working in general with anyone? Seems that im having trouble with windows 7 machine as well.


Link provides screenshot of error:

The page you were looking for cannot be found.”