Updated AppWrapper: Cant Notarise today

I don’t know where the ‘problem’ is, but:

I last notarised on Monday

I upgraded App Wrapper today
Now it says the app has ‘detritus’ but doesnt tell me what it is, or how to ‘fix’ it
Notarisation fails, saying ‘see log’, but the log has no errors … it just ‘stops’

Can anyone else notarise today?
Is it AppWrapper or Apple, or ‘detritus’ ?

I got emails from Apple saying the app was received and notarised.
So it is the comms between AW and Apple / stapling which is failing today

I think I just got some result by doing this:

After the email from Apple received, I opened Terminal and navigated to my build folder/Wrapped Application

Then, in terminal I issued:

xcrun stapler staple MyApp.pkg

And it seems to have worked… testing continues…

[quote=461517:@Jeff Tullin]Now it says the app has ‘detritus’ but doesnt tell me what it is, or how to ‘fix’ it
Notarisation fails, saying ‘see log’, but the log has no errors … it just ‘stops’[/quote]

I just got the same message, and chose to ignore it. Since the app is to go to the MAS, I did not need to notarize it.

I remembered seeing this before:



And I thought App Wrapper shielded me from that trash :confused:

Sam, Help !

There was a problem while testing the code signing process.

codesign: /Users/michelbujardet/Documents/MatchFonts/1-Development/barcode/BW238 - 3.00/Builds - Barcode Wizard 3.00 2019R2/OS X 64 bit/Barcode Wizard+.app/Contents/MacOS/Barcode Wizard+: resource fork, Finder information, or similar detritus not allowed

macOS 10.13.6 (17G8037)
App Wrapper 3 3.10.1 (341)

To avoid the detritus warning open a „Terminal“ window in macOS and type:
"xattr -rc " and then drag/drop your built app onto the terminal window (so that the path to your app is entered into the window) then press enter.
Yo can also enter to comand by hand: "xattr -rc " + path to your built app + press enter

Thank you so much, Christian !

Weird… Your “Remove File Metadata” settings are ok?

Detritus message can be ignored.
The issue appears to be that the UUID returned by Apple is the wrong one.
But the manual stapling appears to have worked.

Having said that, all I can see online suggests that stapling is actually optional… Apple maintain a db of notarised apps online?

Oddly, I dont have those cleanup options.
And your screenshot shows ‘Make 32bit only’… is that an old shot?

May be, not mine, it is from the Ohanaware website explanations https://www.ohanaware.com/appwrapper/v3Images/otherFull.png

It’s the current version of AppWrapper. Does anyone have 3.9.1? I haven’t heard from Sam.

I have, about 12 hours ago.
He is aware there is a problem, and that it appears to be at the Apple end.
But it’s a weekend, and in fairness, he has a life.
So while he will be thinking about it, I don’t expect to hear more until next week, by which time it may be that Apple do something themselves.

12 hours ago, the submitted app would cause an email to arrive saying all was OK.
Right now, even that has stopped happening, so I suspect the Apple end is completely down at the moment.

I have 3.10.1 , but the issue was happening with 3.9.1 before I upgraded, and wasn’t happening with that earlier version at the start of the week.

Does anyone use a stand alone Applescript to do the job?
If so, is that still working?

take a deep breath
go for a long walk with your dog (significant other, your cat, whatever)
go have a nap
enjoy the weekend

and yeah I should take my own advice and have a nap since I’ve been up since 6am :slight_smile:

Interesting. And you are right, my original post did say that ‘I upgraded and then this happened’ - detritus message after 3.10.1
But I have checked the timelines through the day to see when it started to happen, and it was there before I installed 3.10.1 this morning. Not 100% sure of the version I had before that download.

Time machine?
I still have 3.91 .testing it again now.

Same issue, although 3.91 doesnt complain about detritus.

I’m done guessing and researching. I’ll just wait for Sam.

Just got my first ‘app ready to distribute’ message from Apple for 9 hours.
Didn’t staple though.

I got one as well. The stapling failed automatically, but that’s because I use ZIP format. The automatic stapler tried to staple the ZIP. You can take the command out of the log, adjust it to staple the .app instead and it will work.

6am Sunday morning; it’s still not working correctly.

Apple is returning the wrong requestUUID; I have got confirmation from my peers on this.

As for the detris error, thats because Catalina broke my previous testing method, so I switched to a different one. For some people the test gets this error, even after the file has already been cleaned.

So I’m ready to strangle someone. WHERES THE COFFEE!