Update to JSONItem_MTC, now with M_JSON module

Kem Tekinay is pleased to announce an update to the JSONItem_MTC project that now includes the M_JSON module. This emulates the new framework’s ParseJSON and GenerateJSON functions but with the classic (soon to be API 2.0) framework. While the native functions work with Text, Xojo.Core.Dictionary, and Auto(), these will work with String, Dictionary, and Variant(). More, GenerateJSON_MTC has an optional parameter to produce a formatted (“pretty”) string.

The open-source, free project can be found at:


JSONItem_MTC is a drop-in replacement for the native JSONItem that is faster and compensates for some bugs found in the native version. The version has been changed to 4.0 to stay in sync with the new M_JSON module, but there have been no functional changes in this release. JSONItem_MTC and M_JSON can be used independently.