Update Text in WebListBoxStyleRenderer

Hello all,

I have a table with cells as WebListBoxStyleRenderer

I’m able to get the value of the cell but I can’t update It.

Can someone give some info about how to do it?

I need to update the cell or get the style aplied on the cell to update or create a new cell with the same style and diferent value. But I don’t know how to recover the style applied to the cell

I’r recovering data with this:

if Session.Table(0).CellTextAt(file,position) isa WebListBoxCellRenderer then
Var myCellRenderer As WebListBoxStyleRenderer = Session.Table(0).CellTextAt(file, position)

//I need to change Value and update browser here with the same style that is assigned to Session.Table(0).CellTextAt(file, position)

Thanks a lot