Update Case Votes

I was looking at the cases and realized that a number of the top requests will be released “soon”. Let’s knock iOS support out of the number 1 position and put something new in it’s place.

Here’s my vote
“Windows OS Win32 to .NET Backend Change”

yes, yes, yes!!! Everyone who voted for iOS should move their votes somewhere else. For that matter, 64-bit support as well, although we don’t have any hard dates on that one, that I know of.

iOS, iOS, iOS !

Good point. I must admit, I’m very lazy in keeping my feedback votes up to date!

You have now waisted your points for the next five years. :wink:

Yeah any case that is listed as scheduled has about as much attention as it can get. The points are better used to indicate which new projects have the most community interest.

You should read http://www.bkeeneybriefs.com/2014/03/xojo-developers-conference-2014/

I did and therefor his points are wasted, IOS is already coming. No need for prioritizing anymore! Besides that he loses partly the goodwill he certanly earned with users who have other wishes :smiley: :wink: