Update a web dialog

I have a web dialog. User enters some stuff. Server contacts a service and returns result (basically ok or error), which it returns to a method of the dialog.

Consider the case where there’s an error. The dialog remains on the screen, the label associated with the error turns red, and an error message appears. This works fine when I am running locally.

I just pushed the app to our test site. Same test. Error message does not appear. I know the code is being run because I have logging statements.

Same computer, same browser.

Anyone have any ideas?


Have you tried using the browser developer tools to see if there are any local errors. You say the code is running because you have logging. So assuming that logging goes all the way through the point where the error message is supposed to show then it seems there can only be a couple of things happening.

The browser never receives the server message to display the error, or the browser receives it, but something locally in the browser prevents it’s display.

The javascript error console in the browser could be very helpful. Also, looking at the network requests when local vs the test site could be informative as well.