Upcoming Android Xojo Support - Pricing model?

Hello: does Xojo intend to release Android as its own product @ $299 similar to iOS today? Or will iOS and Android come together in a single “Mobile” Xojo offering?

I am excited to see Android as #1 on roadmap, but I am wondering how it is going to fit into the current Xojo product lineup

Any insight on this, or should we stay tuned for this? :slight_smile: Thanks

I’m suer the official answer will be Stayed tuned…

But given the naming conventions i think there is good chance it will be bundled with iOS in a mobile license. I think that will be eventually be 25-50% (probably 50%) over iOS alone (thought it may initially be announced as higher , but many then will complain saying there is not much money to be made with Android apps- the money is on the iOS side)

If the mobile bundle price does go up from the iOS price (high probability ) Pro may go up a bit as well. If it does, I think it will be less $ that the the difference between iOS and the new mobile license… Maybe half that.

Anyway those are my guesses a a long time user.


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