unzipped file doesn't know its abspath

I am not sure if theses a quirk from dropbox, OSX or XOJO. I have a link on dropbox to a zipped folder contains other folders and an app using these folders. In that way I wanted to distribute my app among my colleagues. When someone with OSX clicks on the link to that compressed file, it downloads and uncompresses somewhere along the way. So what is found in the download folder is the folder with all its contents. From the app I refer to the supporting files by first using here = Getfolder("") and then getting a pointer to other folders inside with the here.child approach. This works perfectly before compressing. But the Getfolder("") call results in nonsense after downloading and automatic unzip. Now the absolute path to ‘here’ is something like: 5A7C6D6C-95E9-4B86-A3C4-27EF6BAD4E09:d:
Totally crazy. What is happening?

Used OS (Sierra or previous), Browser (FireFox or Safari) ?

In the Browser, where is set the “Download” folder (and what is its name) ?

OS: Sierra 10.12.3
Browser: Safari
download location: set in Preferences/General
Name: Downloads

I tried to download with Chrome and it did not uncompress right away but still appears to have ruined the absolute and relative paths into something with a lot of hex characters.

It is getting very strange. I have a local zip-file. When I unzip locally the unzipped app runs without a problem. Now I upload the zip-file, download it again and unpack. The uploaded and downloaded zip-file are exactly equal (in size). When I unzip using the downloaded zip file, the app it first tells me that the app …has been downloaded etc. And when I continue the app it does not find the subfolders anymore as described earlier. The downloaded app has (after unzipping) exactly the same size as the uploaded one. Nonetheless int acts totally different. So it seems to me this is a quirk from OSX or XOJO and certainly not from dropbox (because in the latter procedure I don’t use dropbox but another server). It seems that OSX knows that the app has been on a server (but where does osx conclude that from?) and that in some way connected to this information the whole path issue appears. I just want to distribute this app and suporting files. That shouldn’t be a problem. Please help.

It knows its path but OS X is temporarily quarantining it (translocating it to be truthful)
And it does this by starting it from a temporary location which means that the data files are NOT next to your app any more
This is normal for apps that are unsigned, distributed using zip files

There are a few threads about this
Search the forums for threads about “translocation”
Sadly its “the new normal for macOS”