Unused resources in builds

Just out of curiosity I had a cursory look at what’s in a typical build for a trivial MacOS desktop app, and noticed there are a heap of TIFF files eg Scrubber… , Volume…, Play, Pause, also cursors and so-on which aren’t used anywhere in the app.

It suggests there’s a fair bit of junk stuffed in the build, by default.

Any particular reason why ?
Have Xojo given any thought to culling the junk ?

Where are you seeing them? I can’t find what you describe in my built apps.

It does sound as if the libraries that one’s app links to at build-time are in large chunks so that if you reference one method you get the whole chunk. The chunk approach was how a FORTRAN run-time library was organised, which I was given responsibility for at CERN in early 1970. In addition to adding error recovery I split the chunks up into individual library items, so you only got what you needed at the link step. It made the link step longer but reduced executable size - something important on a machine with only around 0.5Mbytes of main storage.

It appears that they are part of the Xojo framework. Open an issue, it’s possible they could be redundant.

They are resources in the Xojo framework.
When I checked, there are roughly 34 files totalling about 300Kb
I guess they could be removed as long as you never use the cursors or media player items that they support.

That they are. If you want to remove them and continue to use cursors and media player, you can use the ones built-into the macOS via declares, you can even use the proper Quicktime player with declares. I’ve mentioned before about Xojo adopting the standard system one, instead of their own subclass, but I don’t think its something they care about.

There are so many areas of the Mac framework that need fixing. I’d really like to see it be a top priority, especially now the renaming all the things is over (I sure hope so).