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Dear Colleagues
I looked at your xojo product and I really liked it, I would like to use it as the main development environment, but I encountered an insurmountable difficulty
Please send a complete example for Linux, Mac, Windows
how do I print HTMLViewer.Print to the default printer, without the printer selection dialog box.
I will have only one default printer in my development, and the development involves printing HTMLViewer content without selecting a printer
If you send me a complete example on the listed OSs, I will consider buying xojo
Thanks with respect …

I only do development on Mac so I can only offer a solution for Mac. You will need a very cheap plugin called MBS (https://www.monkeybreadsoftware.net).

  1. I create a pdf from a htmlviewer with the function PrintToPDFFileMBS from the MBS plugin.
  2. I add page numbers and a header (also with the MBS plugin).
  3. Then I use NSPrintOperationMBS to create lots and lots of PDF files.

The MBS plugin has lots of examples for what you want to do.

AFAIK for Windows and Linux there is no native PDF solution and you may need an extra plugin for PDF like the DynaPDF plugin which is also available from MBS.