Unsupported Sound format throws NilException

I am trying to play a Sound file, but am missing something in the process… I already have loaded a FolderItem sound file succesfully, but I can’t track down this NilException. I just started with Xojo yesterday and can’t believe how FAST I’m prototyping things… however documentation could be better I guess. Hopefully the community is active :smiley:
Code below

Var selectedIndex As Integer
selectedIndex = FIleListbox.selectedRowIndex
Var selectedString As String
selectedString = FileListbox.CellValueAt(selectedIndex, 1)
// Fetch the FolderItem located at FilesMap with a Key of the selected Filename
Var selectedFolderItem As New FolderItem
selectedFolderItem = FilesMap.value(selectedString)
Var soundFile As New Sound
If selectedFolderItem.Exists Then
    soundFile = soundFile.Open(selectedFolderItem)
  Catch error As IOException
  End Try
End If

This is the line that throws the error:



Set a break point at the point it’s crashing and examine what’s in your variable soundfile, I suspect it’s not the filename you expect.

selectedIndex is >-1 ?
or >=0
do you set the list box to required selection?
use also System.DebugLog("…") as help
if Open return nil then perhaps xojo can’t read this file, have you tried other sound file?

this part works for me in xojo2019r3.1 at a windows desktop project.

Var f As FolderItem = SpecialFolder.Documents.Child("test.mp3") If f.Exists Then Try Var s As Sound = Sound.Open(f) s.Play Catch error As IOException MessageBox("The sound file could not be opened. Error: " + error.Message) End Try End If

This is great info, now I know how to print out debug messages and also how to set breakpoints and step over the code. Thanks to both of you!!!

I found out what the issue was, and it was that my sound files were OGG and that file type is just not supported. I was somehow assuming I would get a different type of error if that was the case.

Thanks again!

Similar to .OpenAsPicture really.
You can issue the command but you do need to check it if worked