Unread missing

Where is the unread category so that I can filter by unread topics? New is different than unread.

I think the best way to get what you’re after requires a settings change. Set your user preferences (under “Notifications”):

  • automatically track topics I enter → immediately
  • consider topics new when → I haven’t viewed them yet

By doing this, all new topics will be considered New for you until you view them.
This is what the Discourse team recommends, and I’m trying to follow up in the Xojo forums to locate these settings right now.

EDIT: Instructions updated to match current Discourse version.

Okay, I’ve made the changes. Not sure what I’m doing there, though. Also not sure how this should affect topics with new entries. That’s what I’m looking for. I now see an Unread category, but there are way too few entries available.

That happened to me Beatrix, I made the changes (and prefer it) the Unread section didn’t instantly show many in there, but its now showing 1109. Maybe log out and in or wait a few as I don’t know if there’s a background process that deals with all that stuff after making the change.

Okay. Being patient isn’t a core competency of mine.