has anyone looked at UnQLite ? it looks like a cross between SQLite and a json document database (like MongoDB). Looks very interesting.

it is a single file dbase like SQLite.
but instead of tables/SQL, you do JSON queries/documents.
the driver/plugin complies the database and the javascript parser all into one file.

Me too. I think Xojo should look for it seriously.

Dammit internet, not EVERYTHING needs to be json and javascript.

Joking aside, how’s the performance? Seems like it couldn’t compete with a real database.

everything doesn’t. but sometimes it is the right format (json) or right-ish.

not sure. I was hoping that someone around here has tested it or knows of someone that has tested it. something. I would love to test it myself but I don’t have the cycles to wrapper it with some xojo code to be usable. or even have the cycles to see how much effort it would be to use it via xojo.

I think this is the equivalent of what SQLite is to a RDBMs, but in the json/MongoDB world.

don’t know about scalability nor performance.