Unload Movie from MoviePlayer?

In the Desktop version of Xojo, is there a way to unload a movie from the movieplayer?

For example, when you first startup the app, the movie player is in it’s default state and no movie is loaded. After you load a video, though, is there a way to remove the movie and return the movieplayer to it’s default state?

I tried:

MoviePlayer1.movie = nil

but that didn’t seem to have any effect.

Close the movieplayer?

If I remember right once a movie is loaded, you can’t change it. Christian is right. Close the moviePlayer, and initiate a new one.

Working on instantiating a new one. I tried:

movieplayer1.close dim movieplayer1 as new movieplayer movieplayer1.top = 11 movieplayer1.left = 8 movieplayer1.width = 320 movieplayer1.height = 180 movieplayer1.AutoResize = false

But no movieplayer is visible. Do I need to set movieplayer1.visible = true or something?

I actually ended up switching the movie player with an image of a blank movie screen whenever I wanted to reset it. Not the perfect solution, but it looks seamless!

you may need to put it on a container, so you can close container and embed a new one.