UnhandledExceptions: Best Practices?

Now that I know that the App and Session UnhandledException event handlers will dump errors into errors.log if they Return False, but allow me to direct where that info gets sent if they Return True, I’d like to hear what others do in that latter case. I can think of a few possibilities:

  1. Log it to a SQLite database. I can imagine that you might want these logs to go to a dedicated database file, just in case there’s a problem with the main database file.

  2. Email it to you.

  3. Write it to disk to a text file.

  4. Direct the user to a different page where they can enter a description of what happened and send that with the error info via a combo of methods 1-3 above.

I imagine that if you use #4 above, you would want to make sure a combo of methods 1-3 would be done first, just in case the app is in a strange state that prevents the user from getting to the page in #4, or in case the user ignores that page when they see it.