Unexpected stop when running in debug/analysing: Help

Little bit of panic!

This morning I opened my project, and tried to run it. I see the ‘Assembling …’ for some milliseconds with the progressbar at about 1% and then nothing. No crash, no message, just returning to the IDE. Same thing when I click Analyse project. When I build, it runs without a problem. When I type an error (eg. “variable =” ), no error is reported. Putting a stop in my open event does not help as it does never reaches this point. Yesterday evening, everything just ran fine.

Really could use some help here.

Windows 64 bit

EDIT: problem is bigger than that. Even a new project without anything in it doesn’t work anymore. Although I then get the following error:

Got it working again, pfjew :-). Must have been some corruption on that specific folder. If I copy everything in another folder, it compiles fine again.