Understanding Object-Oriented Programming in Xojo

I was unable to attend yesterday but took a look back today. I would like to compliment @Geoff_Perlman for the practical way of explaining and demonstrating.
I have been thinking and programming OO for years already, but it is still good to highlight, for example, the application of concepts such as xojo-interfaces or overloading.
For absolute beginners I would first explain the difference between a class and an object, for example that a class is the definition, the blueprint of an object to be created.


I also feel like yesterday’s webinar was very well done. My comment to Geoff was, “You managed to give a crash course on OOP in under an hour.”

For those who missed the webinar, here’s a link: Understanding Object-Oriented Programming with Xojo - YouTube


I believe I did that with my analogy to a spreadsheet. I said that a class is like a spreadsheet table without the data. The rows are objects. The columns you fill in are properties while those with formulas are like methods. I think that helps just about anyone get a good grasp of what a class is.

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I thought it was an excellent presentation. I have a much better understanding on how to use classes and subclasses. The part about how to use interfaces was very clearly explained and I can now implement interfaces into my programs.

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