Underscore in MySQl Db Name

I’ve just dowloaded XOJO to test if it could be what I’m looking for to the company I work.

First minute and I go directly to the InsertDB MYSQL community server.

Type the DB name…imediate error, saying It can’t connect.

Hummmm…All parameters where correct, so what was the problem ?

I look to the connection name in the left pane…and the underscore has disapeared.

Db name was ges_3274 but XOJO assumes it as ges3274.

My Db cannot be reanamed, so should I assume that XOJO does not accept the underscore in the DB name ?

in my case DB name can’t be changed.

For best results, connect to MySQL using code rather than the Insert menu. There is an example project here:


Many Thanks. Will look

I’ve checked.

it dowes seems to work…looks like there is a big path ahead to check this product.

Many thanks