Unabled to complete request to host

This massage appears aleatory and after the app begun to run a little bit slowly… the webapp is running stand alone in a windows sever… if I restart the service problem continous… if I restart the server start working fine for a few hours and again. No error in the server log.
Any idea in order to try to solve this ?Uploading: B1F40549-0A7A-4328-896C-B4A053015A5F.jpeg…

Wan’t able to use the link you posted. Maybe post another image of the problem. :eyes:

Here is another image of the problem…

What type of DB is the server connecting to?
Is it running in the same host?

Runing in the same host… DB is Firebird (but desktop apps that are runing also with the same DB and also in the same host continue working fine)

So it looks like your ‘host’ (the WebApp) is running on, and you have the port set to :9101. What happens when you merely go to, does your service/app present you with the ‘Default Web Page’?

The first 2 or 3 hours the webapp runs as expected… after that, aleatory, the error beguns to appear

I’d take a look at firebird.log and make sure there are no errors or abnormal terminations of the DB.

Also make sure you are using the latest firebird version.