Unable to resume the Project [Run in the IDE]

2018r3 (also in 2015r1)
Mac OS El Capitan (10.11.6: 15G22010)

How to reproduce it (here):

  1. In a If CB_Test.Value Then block, put a breakpoint,
  2. Run in the IDE,
  3. Wait until you are in the debugger (iside the If bock above)
  4. Press the Command Key and click in the “Navigation Pane” location below Run (where the application name with its icon are displayed)

The Code Editor is hidden.

You no more are able to Resume the application running either with Cmd-R or a click in the Red triangle.

I have to quit Xojo (both versions) to get out of that hell.

In step 4 above: crazy idea, yes, but I do that. I had a bug in my code and I do not understand how the code in the CheckBox is executed when le CheckBox State is not True (False in the aboce case), but only after I set the CheckBox to True once in the application Run.

In that If block, I draw a surrounding Rectangle. So I may want one or not. It happens that after I asked for one once, I cannot disable it anymore (even if I disable it !). But this is another story. I note it here just as “How do I fall into that trap ?” sentence.