Unable to quit Xojo 2015r1

I was unable to quit the IDE yesterday:

Quit MenuItem (viaMouse)

does not quit the application.

Asking Shutdown gaves me “the user cancel the quit” or so with Xojo as application name.

At last, I force quit it.

Ideas ?

Strange, I had this yesterday, too, but with 2015r4. Hasn’t occurred again.

Do you open this project on Windows as well?

Nope, Mac only.

Hm. The only time I’ve seen this is when the Windows preference to keep Xojo in the tray somehow gets set on the Mac. Discarding your preferences should fix this problem.

Project opened on indows: No, I do not think so

I do not launch Xojo since.

If this comes back, closing the project(s) will help ?

I’ve had the no-quit again today. I’ve now deleted the prefs with Prefs Editor.

Thanks Beatrix for the report.

I will trash the Prefs if I get it again.

It just happens to me.

I closed the project (after saving it…) and once no more project windows open (LR may be open, I do not recall), I tried to quit Xojo 2015r1 without success.

I tried to cmd-q more times, used the Mouse and the Quit MenuItem without success.

I used Force Quit.

I have had this happen to me a lot in 2015 R3 series (perhaps earlier as well but I only remember R3 being an issue). In all cases I was never able to replicated it. For me, it didn’t matter if I had project windows open or not. I’d say once every couple of days it would happen but never anything that I could replicate.

FWIW, 2015 R4 and 2016 R1 don’t have the issue.

I get it more often than I’d like.

I’m not alone…

I feel a little better.

Thank you all.

What does saving have to do with quitting? You can save all you want the app just won’t quit.

I do not know. I started to close the open projects, then I noted yesterday that my project was not saved, so I do and clear the window.

One clue may be the Windows Auto-Quit (of course, I think, if the project was used on WIndows and come back to OS X).

In a bug quest, I can drink a glass of milk if I knew it would squash the bug. ;-:slight_smile: