Unable to locate libs

getting this error while executing the application " The application cannot continue because a needed file cannot be installed. Unable tol locate **** Libs/ MySQLCommunityPlugin.so " Help Needed to solve this.

Did you copy over the Libs folder along with your app? Is the missing file in that folder?

Yes Paul the libs folder and all required files are there along with the app.

This week I re-built and app ( using IDE Xojo 2013r4.1 on Windows 8.1 ) for Linux ( Debian ) which has been working fine using just the RBGUIFramework .so in Libs - but the new version also uses Shell and it complained that it could not find the libRBShell.so in <appname> LIbs - even though I had copied it to Libs ( and run ldconfig ) : Putting a copy in <appname> LIbs allowed the program to run, but is rather inconvenient as LIbs is used by more than one of my programs. I then had to do a similar thing ( adding Shell ) to another program and it too demonstrated this behaviour, so now I have 3 Libs folders, one for each of those 2 errant programs and one for the ones not using Shell.

Forum oddity: I have no idea why the .so reference above turned into a link - I did not do that !

Where is the Libs folder in relation to the app?

In my case, in the same folder as the app.

I’ve just added a note to feedback case: 29213

Hm. I’m just not sure you needed to run ldconfig.

I have other .so files I have to put in /usr/local/lib for some c programs, and so as I have to run it when I update those, I ran it after running into the Xojo Lib issues - but I did get the failure before doing so and I did not run it at all during my later test using the Xojo Shell example ( GetDirectory ) program.

  • Just a thought… as the main framework .so file starts RB, but the shell support starts libRB ( and as lib is automaically prefixed to an .so by default by the linker ) - is Xojo perhaps being inconsistent in whether to prefix a anme with lib ?

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Thanks for that Michel

its possible, but you shouldn’t change the names of the files regardless. The application expects them to be named however the compiler spit them out.

I haven’t changed any names

re: my …[i]( and aslib is automaically prefixed to an .so by default by the linker )[/i]

Sorry: Realised I had got confused about the lib prefix : It is not automatically added on linker o/p, but is automatically assumed by the linker input -l switch.