Unable to install <App Name> due to Maps entitlement

I’ve found a few of posts about "Unable to install " happening when you drag your build onto the device in Xcode. This started happening for me but it is the first time I’ve tried to build for device since refactoring my app for API 2.

Through a process of trial-and-error, I was able to narrow this down to the Maps capability setting in Xojo’s iOS build settings. If I switch this off, my app builds and I can drag it to my device. If I switch this on, my app still builds but when I drag it to my device, I receive this error from Xcode. Even if I create a new, empty project and switch on the Maps entitlement, I can’t drag the built app into Xcode. With the maps entitlement off, I can.

I have Maps as a capability for my application identifier in the Apple Developer portal and I deleted and rebuilt my provisioning profiles just in case there was an issue there but it made no difference.

I was wondering whether someone else is either successfully using the Maps capability or, if not, whether someone would give it a try – even with a blank app – just to sanity-check what is happening for me?

OK after pouring my heart out here :joy: I just read somewhere that the Maps capability is only required if your app actually provides directional data, etc, to other apps so for navigation apps, etc. So I guess there’s nothing really to see here.

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