unable to find remote debugger


It seems like most people don’t have this problem, but I am unable to find the remote debugger that was installed when I installed xojo. Though, when I clicked install on the xojo website, there weren’t any files. The only thing downloaded was the xojo IDE. Is this supposed to happen?


What system are you using?

The Remote Debugger is in the Extras folder that Is located in the Xojo folder.
Every Xojo installation ends up with a folder named Xojo and the release (e.g. Xojo 2018 Release 4) containing Xojo and various folders.
One of the folders is the Extra folder.

When I clicked download on the website, the only thing downloading was the xojosetup.exe . There were no folders which I could enter into

My laptop runs on Windows 10

XojoSetup.exe is an installation application.
You must run it to install Xojo on your Windows machine.

In windows, the remote debuggers are in zip files in:

C:\Program Files\Xojo\Xojo 2018r4\Extras\Remote Debugger Console\
C:\Program Files\Xojo\Xojo 2018r4\Extras\Remote Debugger Desktop\

depending if you want a UI or not.

Copy the one you need to the target, uncompress and run it.

thank you. I figured my problem was I was unable to find my way through the files and, at last, I found it. My apologies