Unable to compress/encrypt exe becouse overlay

I apologise if I write something wrong, I am newbie in programming.

I tried to compress/encrypt my .exe file with different compressors (enigma, mpress, upx…)
with some compressors I got the error message “warning: your exe has overlay”
with other compressors no error message but most of .exe remain uncompressed and not crypted
(in other words, with an hex heditor I can clearly read all my ascii strings and a lot of xojo words).

So, maybe ascii strings of my program are in the “overlay”? It’s correct?

I am programming an adventure game and I’d like to avoid users to open .exe with hex heditor and read solution of game.
Of course I could encrypt all ascii parts in my xojo source code but will be a long job.

In past, I remember, in DOS, in 1992, I was making textual adventure games and with lzexe I could compress .exe and all ascii strings was compressed and unreadable.

Of course an expert hacker could depack the .exe, but it’s enough to be unreadable at first look with an hex editor.

Any hint?


Better do that. Xojo provides built-in encryption. It is not that difficult to use.

Current version of Xojo uses a format recommended by Microsoft that is far more elaborate than what exe packers can digest.

Thanks. At end I will encrypt text data in source code. But now I am dubious: why my text data is in overlay? The main .exe is really my code compiled or the main exe is simple an interpreter and my not-compiled code is in overlay? Xoyo .exe builded app are really compiled? Thanks

32 bit Xojo apps are a bit unusual in their structure - nothing illegal just not what most packers expect which is why so many fail
Strings are basically in the “data segment” and so are visible
The easiest thing to do is put them in constants as encrypted data and decrypt them in your code

VB apps can be decompiled.

Xojo apps are truly compiled and cannot be decompiled the same way.