UK Zoom Evening Catch Up

It was great to catch up with a few members from our local UK group, and to be joined by some of our continental friends from the Netherlands and Germany, namely, Joost, Stefanie and Christian. A more social gathering than computer related as well as some XOJO chat as you would expect. This was more about an evening chance to catch up and interact with others in a time of lockdown. It was great to see you all and we will hopefully get a chance to do another one at some point in the not too distant future.

Things to take away from tonights get together;

  • Enjoying the videos from Stefanie at MBS regarding scene kit, when added to the XOJO videos this is giving us plenty to watch, other than TV.
  • Chris’s ‘man cave’ has a very eclectic mix of ancient IT including a working 8bit PC playing ‘Galaxians’ as well as modern 3d printing kit making PPE kit for local medics. The guided tour by webcam was excellent.
  • Apparently there is a virus outside but it was not dampening anyones spirits.
  • Our XOJO community is thriving and we have realised we have made some great friends.
  • Dave and Trisha have been using the lockdown to revisit old code and examine some new stuff with DynaPDF.
  • I have spent time revising old code and realised just how bad my coding was (compared to nowadays - some may think it still is :slight_smile: ). Evolution not revolution.
  • Bill looks forward to Web 2.0 as he would like to do more with one or two of his systems and looks forward to it’s release.
  • Paula is very busy at work being involved in the medical field and laboratories. With social distancing and remote working there were some challenges around support but it was manageable.
  • Nobody thinks that after this that office working will ever be the same again and one or two offices may disappear in favour of remote working.
  • It’s great that the air outside seems cleaner and the risk of being run over whilst listening to bird song have greatly diminished.
  • We all look forward to when this can end but nobody wants it rushed to the detriment of all, and all look forward to next XOJO Connect and getting together with this current situation hopefully a distant memory.

In the meantime stay safe, follow the guidance and thanks to the XJOJO community which is giving us another contact group to pass the time.

I missed it but would be up to joining from sunny Cornwall if there’s a next one.

who is Dave and Trisha??

who is Dave and Trisha??

[quote=485797:@Richard Duke]who is Dave and Trisha??

who is Dave and Trisha??[/quote]

LOL, oops, been locked up too long :slight_smile: My humble apologies Richard. Trigger you always call me Dave, my names Richard, sorry Dave :wink:

We missed David Cox.

Sorry, my family evening took priority. It was a tussle.

Don’t know what time you had this, but if it were say 7pm (or even 6pm) your time I’d love to attend, so please place me on the invite list :slight_smile:

Everyone can try to also join the Xojo hangouts, usually on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.
Depending on the time it’s between 19 and 22 o’clock here in Germany.

This video session started at 7:30pm UK time.