UITableView with alternate text color and background color

I’ve been trying to get a table view working with a black background and white text. I got it working fine on my iPhone 5, but it crashed on an iPhone 4S.

I eventually figured out the problem was I was trying to set the cell’s text label font color to white on a nil cell. The problem appears to be that the table view doesn’t necessarily create all the cell bits if the cell is going to be off screen.

So next I tried to use an iOSLibTableView and the willDisplayCell event, but I can’t get that to run either. Just crashes.

I was wondering if anyone had figured out how to make a custom table view that works with more than one screen’s worth of cells.

Right now I have something working, but some of the cell’s display in the default white with black text style until they are interacted with and get set in a later action event.

I think I could make it work if I could get either iOSLibTable to work without crashing or maybe if iOSTableCellData represents and actual cell, get it’s handle and call the declares directly on it.

Hi Kevin,
yes, iOSLibTableView is not complete and less than beta. There was another similar project which I could have jumped on or which would have made the control unnecessary, but if one thing is true in programming it is that there will be unforeseen delays.
Currently, I am lacking the time for iOSLib maintenance (although I know I promised to work on the CURL classes and will continue that once I find more time). What I can tell so far:

The effect of cells reappearing in their default shape is caused by, as you mentioned, the tables being reused from a template when the tableView needs to (re)draw them.So you cannot rely on modifying a cell once, you have to modify it each time the tableView will display it (you’ve been absolutely right about the event; sorry that the current state isn’t working!)

No worries Ulrich. It’s been helpful even in it’s unfinished state. I will try to dig into further as I have time and if I come up with something useful I’ll let you know so you can update the code.

Some faint memory tells me I was further and the TableView – at least for that part with the cell events – was working, but I got stopped in the middle of a control redesign and cannot upload the latest version until I am done with that … ;(