UIKit Drag

I have been using TapGesture which returns the point I need

dim location as Foundation.NSPoint = additionalData.locationInView(new UIView(ImageView2.Handle))
dim t as text
t = location.x.ToText +","+ location.y.ToText

but I would like to drag the object. I can’t see a Drag Gesture is there another object I need to activate?

Take a look at my SwipeView class included in the Extensions module of iOSKit. It is effectively a canvas control while providing MUCH more functionality and gesture recognizers if you want them. For something like this with dragging you won’t want gesture recognizers so you have to return false in the UseGestures event and use the Touches(Began/Moved/Ended) events instead which return locations. The declares that @jean-paul devulder posted are handled for you behind the scenes, you will just have to track if you are dragging and appropriate positioning from the coordinate points given to you.

Thanks for the suggestions Swipe View does the job :slight_smile: