UIDocumentPickerMBS deprecated - replacements?

I was reading recently that UIDocumentPickerMBS might be the answer to a problem I have selecting saved files on iOS

However, I cant seem to find it, and the help page on MBS site says it is deprecated.
Is there another function for this now?

You can use UIDocumentPickerMBS for the time being.
Where is a deprecation note?

The class doesnt seem to be present in the plugin version I currently have in use for iOS.

But then again, the example here:


doesn’t seem complete … (I cant see where how object would be activated)

Yes. That page is outdated, not the class.

The new one is here:

I can delete the old one.

Got something showing up now, which is a start.
However, even after logging into my only iCloud account, it shows no files.
If I export, the exported file doesnt show up for other means of looking in iCloud… its like they are different areas - are we still limited to sandboxed storage?