UIActivityViewController with file

In order to replace FolderItem.Launch that does not work on IOS, I went through what exists and I found out something related to UIActivityViewController. I have found an article called: Share a PDF (or any file) through UIActivityViewController from Jeremie Leroy. Using that principle,

I made this code:

            Dim urlField As Text = "file://"+ yourlocalfile
	Declare Function CFURLCreateStringByAddingPercentEscapes Lib "Foundation" (allocator As Ptr, origString As CFStringRef, charactersToLeaveUnescaped As CFStringRef, legalURLCharactersToBeEscaped As CFStringRef, encoding As UInt32) As CFStringRef
	Dim encodedURL As Text
	encodedURL = CFURLCreateStringByAddingPercentEscapes(Nil, urlField, Nil, Nil, &h08000100)

	using Extensions
	using Foundation
	using UIKit
	dim controller as UIActivityViewController
	//create the controller -> create a single item array with an nsobject representing the image
	Dim fileArr As NSArray = NSArray.CreateWithObject(NSURL.FileURLWithPath(urlField))
	controller = new UIActivityViewController(fileArr, nil)
	if isIPad then
			controller.modalPresentationStyle = UIKit.UIViewController.UIModalPresentationStyle.popover
			controller.modalInPopover = true
	end if

	// To exclude some apps 
	Dim excludeArr As NSArray = NSArray.CreateWithObject( new NSString(UIActivity.UIActivityTypePrint))
	excludeArr = excludeArr.ArrayByAddingObject(new NSString(UIActivity.UIActivityTypeCopyToPasteboard))
	excludeArr = excludeArr.ArrayByAddingObject(new NSString(UIActivity.UIActivityTypeMail))
	controller.excludedActivityTypes = excludeArr
	//present with nil completion handler
	self.PresentViewController(controller, True, nil)
	if isIPad then
			//Then we set the popOverController position on the Toolbutton that called it
			Dim popController As UIKit.UIPopoverPresentationController = controller.popoverPresentationController()
			popController.barButtonItem = button2.Handle
	end if

Everything works. The panel opens but when I select “Copy into Adobe Acrobat”, NOTHING HAPPENS. The file is not opened in Acrobat, nor when I open Acrobat, my document does not appear.

So, I am wondering if I am missing something.