UI flicker when loading project

I often wonder why all the ‘unnecessary’ UI updating and flickering when loading projects with multiple tabs open.
I have a project with 14 windows and about 15k lines of code. It takes 5 seconds to fully load if only one tab is open. With a dozen tabs open it takes 15 seconds to fully open. I don’t know how Xojo works internally, but It would seem faster and cleaner to have the UI invisible until it is fully initialized, with a progress bar smoothly sliding to the right.

What is your OS ?
What is your computer CPU ?
What is the speed of your computer CPU ?

Say, Windows 10, AMD A something, @ 1GHz, if you change your computer to a powerfull and faster speed CPU, you will not be able to watch the tabs appearance. Iam sure that most of the people here does not understand (never saw) what you mean.

That’s always the case. On my MBP i7 with SSDit takes +1 min. when several tabs are present.
With Windows it is actually much worse.

Learned to live with it. But is very annoying for sure

I never saw that on OS X (i5/ssd nowadays, was i7/HD two years ago), but I saw that in my 2in1 low cost Windows 10 machine.

I do not express myself about these in my previous answer: I do not care about how beautiful (or not) the IDE looks. I care about using it securely, able to use keyboard shortcuts, select + left arrow behaves like any other OS X running applications, etc. This is not always the case. For example, double click in a word (it select it) and try to add one more character in pressing shift + right arrow. Sad, and not the only one.